23 April 2008

...keew lla daer ev'i gniht tsegnarts eht

This is a best of, sort of. It's the most interesting things I've read in some of the blog's I'm tracking, only instead of simply sharing them in the column on the right, I'm going to sum it all up in a posting of my own.

First, the new Gnarls Barkley album is great but I just found out Danger Mouse has posted the entire thing backwards as a single download on their own site. I'm sure there is software out there that can reverse it back, so obviously I'm going to download it for my personal collection, check out the sdrawkcab version to enjoy on it's merits until I hear about a way to screw with it.

Generally speaking, listening to an album backwards is undesirable because the instrumentally generated sounds usually start strong and fade fast. So when you listen backward the sounds sneak up on you and then just at their most intense moment, they suddenly disappear. elpuoC ddO ehT holds up surprisingly well in reverse--perhaps a testimony to the production talent at play. Of course I don't have any drugs to take, so I'm not sure I can go a full 38 minutes before I hear some vocals in a language I can understand or at least pretend to understand!

Also new to the internet is a brand new board game you can download, print and create yourself. It is called Colbopoly and you can learn more about it at the creator's website.

Essentially, Stephen Colbert made a crack about Hasbro's custom monopoly versions and asked why they haven't made one for him yet--so a fan of the show did just that. It looks interesting, anyone want to come over and test it out?

I'm impressed, but obviously there are a lot of episodes I have missed. I don't "get" all of the squares. Maybe that's part of the fun.

I'm off for another week but this time I have a few things scattered throughout. I might not get much time to vegetate. Oh well, I'm sure Rachel prefers vegetate take on a new meaning in my case.




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