10 April 2009

opening week nearly over...

and the Mariners are 3-2. It is too early to tell if this .600 record is what they will end the season with (which would be very respectable), but for now the fact that they have earned all 3 of these wins on the road, does mean they have the winningest road record in baseball. That is something to celebrate... for now.

[update: the hometown boys of summer are now 5-2 after sweeping the A's in Oakland. That is a 4 way tie for the 3rd best record in baseball right now. Only Florida and Atlanta are better, each at 5-1 and neither having a significant road-trip yet this season. In fact, only Atlanta has picked up just 2 road wins and Florida hasn't left the grove yet at all. This means the Mariners are arguably the best team in baseball so far this year as the next best road record is the Chicago Cubs at 4-2.

Looking forward to Tuesday's home opener. Time to set the DVR!]


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