02 May 2008

i really should cut down...

I recently grouped the blogs I occasionally read into categories such as music, sports, news, and blogging (for the ones that like mine, don't really conform to a category I would want to have to make just for them). What I noticed, oh after only about my second night back at work, is that I seem to have either subscribed to too many music blogs OR one too many. There are something like seventy five posts to read in that category today. This is insane. I should just pick one and count on that person to keep me totally up-to-date on all the music I should be liking right now.

I was also going to rant about how the Tacoma News Tribune's general news thread is a lot less bloggish and a lot more... uh... well a collection of published articles from their website that are often not even written locally. I find many of them come from the Washington Post or other national sources. It's very annoying. I may as well read the Post instead of the local rag.

Otherwise I'll just remind you to check out some of the other interesting things people are writing on the right side of the page.




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