16 May 2008

new photoblog for you visual junkies...

I am happy to announce that I have found a great place to post my photography. I've had my frustrations with how blogger, myspace, google images, and msn live handle uploaded pictures and at last Wordpress has a great photoblogging tool. Sure enough it lets you upload the whole picture, does not compress it, and the Monocrome layout tool chooses a color theme for each picture based on it's analysis of the content of that picture. Pretty snazzy.

The Monocrome layout also turns each picture into a link so it makes it difficult for people to download the full picture. One drawback so far is that it squeezes the picture into a fixed frame. I loaded the URL for one of my uploaded pictures and if viewed 100% they spill off the page just like they should, but when you view my blog, the pictures will have a fixed size thanks to the layout tool. I will work on finding out how to at least bump that up a bit for those of us with larger desktops. Otherwise we shall all just suffer a little in the mean time (of course other browsers may have a way of getting around the link--which is to the next picture in the blog's archive--to load the full picture in a new window or something).

Well, it's very late for me. I'm off to the land of candy, fairies and bazaar plot twists.



Another great one from the Oscar winner:

Say it to Me Now
Glen Hansard
Once Soundtrack


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