30 March 2005

this page is a little homage to my last blood drive which was in west point ny... ours in the northwest didn't look anything like this... i mean one was in a room the size of six of these beds! Posted by Hello
hey buddy... drink responsibly Posted by Hello
hey, the if the yellow one's don't stop, what about these big white ones? Posted by Hello
rush hour? Posted by Hello
outside the hard rock nyc Posted by Hello
hard to see, but that is eric claptons guitar from derek and the dominos Posted by Hello
looks sort of like a cathedral Posted by Hello
who says time square is not for kids these days Posted by Hello
nothing says america like beer, cup-o-noodles and television Posted by Hello
any wonder what our modern idols are? Posted by Hello
its hard to take pictures at night... except in time square Posted by Hello
comercialism at its finest Posted by Hello
ESB at night Posted by Hello
"ground zero" as they say Posted by Hello
ironic that "ground zero" has become the american mecca Posted by Hello
i know there's a point, what is it? i don't care Posted by Hello
yea, i really don't know what she's talking about... is that a mole? Posted by Hello
looks good but aren't we working over there? Posted by Hello

what is spacon?

spacon is a myth
imagine they made processed bacon
what would they call it
well what do they call processed ham
so processed bacon would be