11 March 2008

soon baby soon...

Lately I've been having trouble adjusting between working days and non-working days. Interestingly this time around it isn't trouble being up during the daytime on my days off, it's trouble getting to sleep early enough in the morning or waking myself up early enough in the evening to actually use it for something interesting. This is something that is causing me to feel guilty because I am supposed to be doing something in a play (sort of) for church. I haven't heard a peep from anyone so perhaps they've given up on me and found someone else. I hope so, it is just as well. I can't seem to get myself out of bed at 5 pm (on my last day of work) to make it to the practices. I think I'll be on 10 hr shifts the weekend of the thing anyway.

Speaking of which, I do start 10 hour shifts next week. Exciting eh? Well, first I work another near-full week during my alternates first week, then one or two days off and I start my rotation and then have my two weeks off. Finally here!

I am definitely looking forward to the new schedule. I've been doing every weekend (either Wed-Sun or Th-Mon) since the end of September!!! I'm so glad to have time off coming up but also to know that I will soon have a routine I can count on and plan around that includes having every other weekend off. Phew!

Otherwise all is well in the land of oz. I'm still looking for a hobby. Anyone have any ideas? I asked around about what it would take to start my own home distillery. I might someday like to try making my own wine but I think first it would be fun to make my own Vodka. Need to start researching the process though. I think if I draw a little from my lab background I could actually be really good at it! Hopefully it isn't too expensive of a hobby though--or dangerous!

Well, not much else going on.