27 July 2007


Let's begin with an apology. I see my faithful have been reading in spite of my absence. Life is busy with a whole lot of nothings. I'll get to that later though.

Right now I'm contemplating an afternoon cocktail alone in my apartment with the blinds closed. Why? A girl called Eddy is serenading me meloncholy with her subtle retrospect. Really it is the opposite of personification though, perhaps depersonification--redux of personality into a mere effect-laden adjective. If you are unfamiliar, give her a listen. I guarantee nothing, but I like her so if you don't you can lodge it in a painful place and see if it does not help you relate!

Well, like I said, busy with the business of nonsense. Just working and sleeping and toxifying the body with malnourishment. I haven't been back for a second interview yet with the insurance thing. I think I blogged about that a while ago but I haven't made up my mind yet if I want to pursue it.

Meanwhile someone at work has put in notice. I may have the opportunity to pick up hours (which I am hesitant to do) and possibly fix my schedule so I can have the same nights off every week. It is doubtful that I could have the whole weekend off, but I am trying for Thursday and Friday's off. I can sacrifice the rest.

Of course my boss is talking about changing things as a result of this. We need to hire two additional people and recruiting people for night shift is a chore so she is talking about 10 hour shifts again (something I was told when I was hired but has not bore fruit yet). I already know 3 out of 5 of us are definitely against that. I think two of them more stubborn than the third. The bottom line is longer shifts means more nights off and I can't see why anyone working 5 nights a week would see that as evil incarnate!

Anyway I am on record as being in favor of it and if it does not happen soon I will keep looking for better opportunities elsewhere. Of course I've heard about 3 chances to go 7on/7off and passed because I would rather not switch employers only to stay on night shift. I would leave in a heartbeat if a M-F came along though!

Well aside from that I have a new car. So far been pretty busy though and just racked up about 450 miles going to and from work. It does have me considering a week or so of vacation time so I can "break 'er in" right! 350 horses and I'm just fluffing around in cruise control on a 55 mph highway most of the time. What a shame.

I am off tonight and as of now have no plans. This is the consequence of the lifestyle I have--first Friday night off in a month and I'm not even sure I'll go anywhere. The pattern is this: ordinarily I take my days off in the middle of the week, sometimes one at a time and think about all the possibilities if I ever get a weekend night off. Then one sneaks up on me and I'm stuck vacillating in the wonder and awe of all I could do so much so that I will likely do nothing at all.

We can certainly hope that isn't the case. Meanwhile I can grove to Ray Charles on the couch (which has become my other bed more often than I care to admit) while logging all this nonsense for my unauthorized autobiographical movie to be released in the spring of 2047 (on my 70th birthday--I don't expect to live much longer than that).

So I have been thinking of putting in for a week or two in late September or October. Hawaii sounds fun and I see some good deals on all-inclusive packages but I am not convinced about vacationing that far from home alone. I don't tan well and I suppose the most I could hope for is to meet someone interesting that I will never see again. What fun is that?

I could head north and sup with my Canadian brothers, eh? Passport is ready. Car tuned up. Just don't know much about the rest of BC as I've only ever been to Victoria and I don't think going there would be that interesting. An Alaskan cruise sounds interesting but I don't think fall is a very good time to go there.

Of course I've always wanted to stay in a coastal hotel room and watch an autumn storm right out my window. Maybe I could start writing my great American novel. Oh, I already have by the way--I just didn't like the way it is coming together just yet. I think I may just as well start over and lean more into pure fiction. I don't think anyone would authorize consent to be in my book, either out of a lack of trust or fear of letting their laundry air-dry.

You know, I saw something interesting on Jerry Springer yesterday. Yes on occasion I have caught myself watching JS feigning righteous indignation. What struck me is this long haired drunken bum-like reverend he has come on and do weddings. I was reminded of my dream of moving to the coast and opening a wedding chapel. Of course I haven't decided if I believe in life-long monogamy yet, but I could play the flask-toting Irish-American disillusioned reverend resigned to marrying off horny young couples rather than preaching from the top of the hill. Somehow it suits me better. Let us all put our faith in simple, hormonal love and leave the mysteries of life unanswered for the time being. Amen