11 November 2007

kitty's back in town...

If anyone knows where to get "the Wild the Innocent and the E" on vinyl, then you know what to get me for Christmas. Clearly the boss still has it, but there is nothing like the vintage Jersey boys just having fun.

Oh, and if anyone knows where to pick up a good turntable, then you know what to get me for my birthday, but it is a little soon to think of that.

So I've been quiet for a few days or a couple weeks, depending on which planet you live on and how many RPM's it spins at. Mine spins at 1/1440 RPM's which produces a Relative Centrifugal Force of 2.129 x 10^-3 g's. Should we find ourselves spinning at 1/68.27 RPM's we would begin floating off the surface of this silly rock. Not to mention feeling a little bit light-headed!

Sorry for the tangent. I just needed to get that out of my system. Oh, and if anyone who reads this feels the need to check my math, get a life. I apologize if that hits a little close to home, but I do say it out of love.

Speaking of which, I think I'll do the same and cut this one short. Oh, and just in case you were curious. If the Earth were a giant human centrifuge like the ones that drive me nuts every day at work spinning your blood down, we would be taking just over 100 g's ourselves. I doubt you could hang on--not that there would be anything to hang onto!



10 November 2007

hungry for sustinance...

It seems to have been a while, once again, since I've put ink to paper. That reminds me of the lyric "'there's no poetry between us,' said the paper to the pen" but at least in the literal sense, there is none between me and the pen either. I can't stand sitting down and writing with a pen in my hand. It seems far too clumsy. I can't focus and when I find something to say I cannot get it out fast enough. It is better this way, trust me on this.

So things are good. I am busy it seems and yet the few remaining moments of free time tend to weigh on me more than their former colleagues. I suppose my mind is heaviest when there is more to wrestle with. It occurs to me I might need a new hobby now more than ever.

Well maybe not. I am noticing that my netflix movies are just sitting on top of the television collecting dust. I may need to cancel. I think that is how they make money, that while a few may make a game out of seeing how fast they can get them back in, perhaps the vast majority of people don't have enough time to devote themselves to seeing how much they can maximize the savings of paying a monthly fee over a per-use charge. Nevertheless I guess it is good to know you have them there when you finally are ready to kill some time.

By the way, Music and Lyrics wasn't that good. Boo Hugh Grant and boo Drew Barrymore. You aspired too much and all you achieved was trite at best. A film that invokes the likes of Smokey Robinson and Bob Dylan should at least feature some clever and witty songwriting even if the plot must suffer. I don't know if the script was an amateur attempt by a lyricist to write a film or if the lyrics were the amateur attempt of a screenwriter. Perhaps both!

Well, I might be too late to save you the two hours and popcorn but for the record, I said it. If I did get to you in time, you can thank me later. Let's hear it for b-sides.

So if you thought this was going nowhere, you are right. I have no fluid sense of direction, no line of reasoning, nothing itching to get off my chest, no revelation of thought, no witty observation of life to reveal. I am jack's completely absent-minded rambling hypothalamus. I see, hear, smell, taste, and touch nothing, but I revel in it all anyway.

I am apparently struck by the shock and awe that I am developing a reputation for thinking too much. At work. At home. I think I am driving the people around me completely insane. Does anyone know of any narcotics to turn this off? I am open to anything at this point.

As for the temperature in my apartment, it seems to fluctuate too much these days. I almost broke a sweat last night sleeping on my couch but when I went to bed I didn't ever get my toes to warm up. If that doesn't sound odd to you consider that my bed has 5 or so inches of heat-trapping memory foam on top of it. I only use a sheet and a thin quilted comforter or else I would roast. I think the problem is that the thermostat is in the living room. I swear it needs recalibrating but maybe that is just the difference between one room and the next.

Well I think I am done now. I am sure to have more to say soon. I'll keep you all posted.



05 November 2007

sights and smells...

I'd like to start off by saying, whoopee, I'm more or less back to normal. I've taken my fourth dose of the uber-expensive meds and I'm feeling just peachy. I've skipped doses of my anti-inflammatory (usually by accident) and suffered no ill consequences. I even notice my skin is starting to clear up in some of the more minor places. It might take longer for the worse spots but any improvement is welcome!

The only weird thing that may or may not be related is that I am noticing my arm has tightened up. It isn't a big deal except when I attempt to reach for something and fully extend it. I am noticing either the muscle or perhaps a tendon seems really tight and there is sharp pain running up and down my arm whenever I do this. Usually I can massage it out and try again and nothing, but this has been going on for a few weeks, very coincidental perhaps? Maybe the real deal is that I haven't been able to extend this arm fully before because the elbow was out of whack with the arthritis and now that I can, the muscles have atrophied? Either way I suppose it is time to hit the gym downstairs and start getting back into shape.

In other news Rachel and I went for a hike the other day. It was fun, there are pictures. Oh just one, but I'll put up a few more soon (probably by the time you are reading this anyway). We went to Hurricane Ridge which was new for me, though not for her. Not a terribly intense hike but enough to poop me out and make me want to curl up in bed early! I suppose it didn't kick my butt as much as I thought because I wasn't all that sore the next day. It just wore me out as I was doing it I guess. More evidence I need to get in shape.

Did my labs. Everything is normal. Well, I didn't do all the labs, just the ones of concern with this problem. All of those were normal. I'm afraid to look at my lipids right now because I don't think they've had enough time to change just yet. Need to raise the ol HDL. I got my cholesterol down but the HDL was too low and the net effect was negligible. I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do about raising the good stuff, but for now I'm just avoiding the issue.

Avoiding issues is one of the few things I am good at. Tonight I couldn't avoid issues though; we had tons of mislabeled specimens. Days go by when we do not get any, but tonight we had three or four. It reflects poorly on our whole system when just a few of theses incidents occur, but catching it is the important part and we did that. Of course, the patients only notice that a mistake happened, not that we caught the mistake before it resulted in an error in patient care. Well one of them was partly the patients own parents fault, but I won't get into the details.

The lesson to take away from this: in any area of life, when someone comes to you and tells you they made a mistake in providing you a service, try to be understanding of the myriad of complexities in their line of work that you are not aware of and give them credit for admitting the mistake in the first place instead of trying to cover it up. Generally that is where things really go wrong!

Overall work is going well, though it is getting busier and our staffing is still at crisis mode. I was informed of a good job opportunity at Madigan, so I updated my online resume with them and "self-nominated" for the position. I hope they take a good look at me and at least give me a shot at consideration. I worked closely with some people who work in that department, so I am sure they will give me an interview if my application makes it past the DOD bureaucrats in Virginia. I have had mixed results in the past with them, being simultaneously turned down for one job and forwarded for another for which there was at least one discriminating factor in the posting that should have resulted in my resume being kicked out. Go figure?

I was simultaneously anxious to apply for the job and apprehensive about it. I still feel (sometimes) that I should stick things out where I am and see if they don't get better. The military job might pay less and the benefits which used to be stellar when working for the government are somewhat less than these days. I might just play it out, go to the interview and see what kind of offer I can get. The position would certainly allow me to specialize in an area I have always preferred to work in and should get me on day shift with little or no weekend/holiday coverage. This is what I have been looking for at least in the long run.

Well, nothing to do but wait and see.

Sorry I can't say 'not much else going on this time.' There is so much going on, just little desire to go on and on and on. This should keep you somewhat up-to-date. Otherwise you'll have to wait for the memoir!